Alleged conspirator in Ultimate Bet scandals speaks out live on radio

Travis Makar, a self-described computer repairman called a live radio show last week to clear his name and divulge further details about online poker’s largest hoo-ha to date.

Russ Hamilton

Russ Hamilton

Last Wednesday night, Makar called in to the “The Cold Call Show” which is hosted by World Series of Poker bracelet winner Todd “DanDruff” Witteles and Bryan “The Icon” Micon and goes out on DonkDown Radio.

After identifying himself as Makar, an individual identified by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) investigation as one of its conspirators behind the Ultimate Bet scandal of the summer of 2008, the caller proceeded to negate his or his family’s involvement in the scandal and revealed the existence of hard proof against leading figures in the online poker world, amongst other insinuations.

Maker forwarded that he had become friends with former World Series Of Poker (WSOP) Main Event winner Russ Hamilton, the known brain behind the Ultimate Bet scandal according to the KGC. But Makar says he was only a repairman and never even saw the superuser program allegedly used by Hamilton to cheat other players out of millions of dollars on Ultimate Bet and also AbsolutePoker. “I owned a computer servicing store for several years and I serviced the computers of several top players. … [I] never earned a penny from them, never worked for them. .. 100%, never used the (superuser) program once.”

The caller who identified himself as Makar insisted in the interview that he has hard proof in various forms, including printed documents, e-mails, data records and the actual computer program that was alleged used by “superusers.” The caller indicated that said information is being reviewed , but did not reveal by whom, to ascertain whether State or Federal charges may be filed.

The caller alleged that the Hamilton/Ultimate Bet cheating scandalwas not be the only long-term online poker cheating operation in place and that the discovery of other systems had been wayalid by the attention given to the UltimateBet case.

“They released [the information] that they wanted to release …  There were other scandals going on that [Ultimate Bet] wanted to cover up. There was so much other cheating going on that they didn’t want out there. There are people that mostly did the scam that walked away clean from this. Their names were never mentioned and they never faced any charges.” Makar ended by saying that Hamilton was “covering for people” and that he did not know why Hamilton himself would not come forward.

The show’s hosts did all they could to confirm the identity of the callewr as being Travis Makar but it is not possible to confirm this information.


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