First Multi-Entry FTOPS event doesn’t disappoint

Event #3 of the nineteenth edition of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS XIX) was the first to offer the new and controversial Multi-Entry format; attracting 3,291 participants, the payment of so many $322 buy-ins smashed the $250,000 guarantee to generate a prize pool of $987,000.


The event, held on Monday afternoon, came with Full Tilt’s “Rush Poker” format also applied with the new Multi-Entry features: players are permitted to register for the same tournament numerous times; each of the player’s entries will have its own chip stack and be dealt its own hand; and, a player’s entries will always be seated at different tables – if a player remains with more entries than there are tables left in the MTT, two or more of that player’s individual entries are be “merged” into one.

“Rush Poker” is Full Tilt’s “ultimate high-speed poker experience” that inserts players into a large player pool and make them face a different table of opponents in every hand – when a hand is folded, the player is immediately “rushed” to a new table for the next hand.

The final table was full of respected online veterans, including: FTOPS winner Jonas “Klausen” Klausen, FTOPS XIIX Main Event winner JhoWn and Full Tilt Red Pro Michael Tureniec. Klausen turned out to be the eventual winner, beating Tureniec in the heads-up to each take home $182,650 and $128,349, respectively.


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