Irish Open 2013 Main Event Day 3

Irish Open 2013 day 3

63 players returned for Day 3 of The Irish Open and after 12 long hours, only our final table of 8 players remains. Tom Brady is the chipleader going into the final table and the ball is well and truly in his court. He’ll have seven other players hot on his heels including both Calvin Anderson and Ian Simpson who both came through Day 3 unscathed.

The final table chipcounts are:

Tom Brady
Calvin Anderson*
Namir Mohammed
Ian Simpson
Adam Fallon*
Declan Connolly*
Mark Davis

Michael Farrelly



* = Eligible for Sole Survivor

Day 3 started with 63 players, all of whom had their sights set on the €265,000 first prize. After 12 long hours of play we’ve finally whittled down the field to our final eight. Amazingly both Calvin Anderson and Ian Simpson have continued their dominance of leading the field over the first two days and return tomorrow in very healthy shape.

While Calvin Anderson and Ian Simpson might win awards for consistency over the 3 days, it’s Tom Brady who goes into the final day’s play in the enviable position of chipleader with 3,674,000 in chips to play around with.

Once play started, it didn’t take long until we were on the bubble. It took 11 attempts to burst however and unfortunately for Niall O’Sullivan, he was the man going home with nothing. Or so he thought. Moments after his pocket kings were cracked by Ace-Four to send him packing, it was announced that he would be getting a free entry into next year’s Irish Open.

With such a high-calibre field, it was inevitable that we’d lose some Big Guns on the way to our final table. The likes of Andy Black, Liam Flood and Dermot Blaine all found it difficult to get too comfortable. They were all among the 55 players who were knocked out by 2am, when the final table was finally formed.

While the €265,000 first prize will be on all the player’s minds tomorrow, for Calvin Anderson, Adam Fallon and Declan Connolly, the possibility of becoming the €60,000 Sole Survivor will add an extra dimension to their decisions on the final day. The Sole Survivor package is awarded to the last remaining online qualifier.

Play begins at 2pm and Jesse May “The Voice of Poker” will be joining the commentary team to bring you every hand on the live stream while the live blogging team will also be back to cover all the action..


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