Lucky Player Wins Huge Bad Beat Jackpot

A player on Unibet has claimed a $112,779.04 prize for losing to a bad beat with a hand of quad eights.

No Bad Beats Poker

No Bad Beats Poker

The online poker room’s “Bad Beat Jackpot” was won on Sunday night by the user “LEECHIN”. According to sources, over $60 million has been paid out by the poker room awarded since the promotion began in 2007. From Monday morning, the jackpot has reverted to stand at more than $110,000.

A “bad beat” is the well-known poker term for a the resulting defeat of a very good hand by an even stronger hand that is made through the acquisition of a lucky card as the community cards get towards the river, i.e. the turn card or the river card itself, in Texas Hold’em. It is often caused by weak opponent, or an opponent with a weaker hand, performing a poor “call” that keeps him or her in the hand that they eventually win.

Even though it is difficult to clearly define a bad beat, it has become a feature of many online poker rooms and casinos. A bad beat jackpot is an accumulated sum of money that is paid to a player who loses under certain circumstances set by the poker room. It is assumed that the bad beat jackpot is an attempt by the organizing poker room to encourage aggressive play and also provide some comfort to the loser who often reacts badly to a bad beat, in particular when a large or “monster” pot has been lost – very common when very strong hands are pitted against each other.

Some Websites, such as, monitor the present amounts “held” in the bad beat jackpots offered by the larger online poker rooms. At the time of writing, two online poker rooms are offering bad beat jackpots of over $420,000 and $346,00 dollars. Some of the largest online bad beat jackpots include substantial gains of $1.2 million, $860,000 and $734,000!


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