Negreanu comes back to draw online face-off against Blom

The second round of the special, two-hurdle online showdown between Daniel Negreanu and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom ended with an unexpected win for the former who had been annihilated in the opening round.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu

The Mult-Table heads-up challenge that is known as the SuperStar Showdown was arranged by both players’ sponsor, PokerStars, as the latest instalment in the “Isildur1”-against-the-world challenge set up to promote the Swedish player in the online arena.

In the first match, played last Sunday 20th March, Blom took his older colleague to the cleaners, needing only 1,439 hands to relieve Negreanu of the $150,000 each player puts up as per the rules of the challenge. Each high stakes, heads-up match consists of a single session of 2,500 hands. The match is played across four tables of No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha, at stakes no lower than $50/$100. The winner is the player that shows either a profit after 2,500 hands, or wins all of their opponent’s match bankroll. When Negreanu went bust in a quick-fire 1,439 hands, it was the first time the challenge hadn’t gone the distance.

Negreanu turned his fortune around in the second match, making a profit of $26,500 which offsets some of his huge $150,000 loss from the previous week. It took a lot to manage Blom’s out-of-the-blocks style once again, as the Swede came out swinging and created a huge lead very early on. To rake in 120,00 of his opponent’s $150,000 stake, this time after only 1,300 hands. This week, however Negreanu was able to fight back and constructed a huge comeback from his $20,000 bankroll that was based on a number of double-ups.

The second and final face-off between the two ended with a set of 10s for Negreanu, whose fight back was all but epic. Said Negreanu in the chat window: “I was stuck like $120K at one point I think. I broke lots of stuff in my room btw lol, smashed everything.” On his site’s blog, Negreanu admitted: “Isildur1 is incredible. I hope to do a training lesson with him one day. He’s the best.”

The series of organized face-offs continues this weekend with Scott “urnotindangr” Palmer taking on Blom on Sunday, April 3rd.


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