Rated prizes for consistent and wild online play

The Party Poker Challenge gives online players the opportunity to up their personal ante by completing the stages of a new type of promotion launched in conjunction with statistics Website PokerTableRatings (PTR).

Party Poker Challenge

Party Poker Challenge

From 1700 hours GMT (1200 ET) on  Tuesday, 18 January, players with registering players with Party Poker (PP) and PTR accounts can register to take part in the competition which begins on following day.

Playing online at the minimum stake levels of $0.05/$0.10 No Limit or Pot Limit Hold’em, or at $0.25/$0.50 for Limit Hold’em, registered users will be attempting to earn 12 different “badges” before 15 February. Acquiring the badges requires completing tasks of varying difficulty,  completing four of them catapults a player into another prize zone. The badges range from rewards for highly skilful play or for having the guts to attempt unconventional moves.

For example, the first badge can be earned just by for playing 1,000 hands in a 24-hour period. The other two “easy” badges for achievements in No Limit Hold’em only: a player with 50 big blinds must limp into a pot with pocket rockets and win the ensuing showdown. “The Maniac” badge is the last of the easy ones and requires a player holding 50 big blinds to move all in pre-flop with a baby pair and win the showdown.

The medium badges are designed to test a wider range of poker knowledge whilst the hard badges, being the most difficult to achieve, require certain levels of expertise; for example, a “Family Pot” badge means a players must win a hand when five players or more see the flop. The hardest two badges to earn are the “Huge Pot” (designated as 25 big bets for Limit or 400+ big blinds for No Limit) and building a stack of 500 big blinds in No Limit in a single session.

PTR and PP are awarding prizes for every four badges earned: at the “Rookie” level (earn four badges), the first 50 qualifiers will earn a $10 Amazon gift card. Eight badges gains you “Pro” status in the PP Challenge. The first ten “Pros” will get their choice of an Xbox Kinect or PlayStation 3. A player who achieves all 12 badges will be known as a “Baller”, the first five qualifiers at this level have a choice of an iPad or a custom Paulson chipset.

Players will gain four, eight or all 12 badges will also receive varying packages one month of PokerTableRatings subscription and invitations to freerolls and tournaments on PP and even the Austrian stage of the World Poker Tour (WPT).


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