Russian Vladimir Geshkenbein wins the chilly EPT Snowfest

The 2011 European Poker Tour (EPT) Snowfest, held at the Alpine Palace hotel at the Hinterglemm ski resort in Austria, has concluded with a win for Russian Vladimir Geshkenbein.
Vladimir Geshkenbein

Vladimir Geshkenbein

The Belgian player Kevin Vandersmissen had gone into the final table with a huge chip lead which took him all the way to the heads-up with little personal difficulty, although there were some exciting times to be had at the start of the final stretch.

Italian Giacomo Maisto hit an early burst of energy to double up twice and rescue his second from the bottom short stack to chip leader boasting 3.6 million after using his pocket kings to beat Vandersmissen’s pocket queens and then stepped it up to pocket rockets in the very next hand to he double through Philip Meulyzer’s pocket kings.

Philip Meulyzer eventually slipped out of the running in sixth place, losing against Vandersmissen, to take home €65,000.

Geshkenbein butted heads with Cristian Dragomir and brough the game to Vandersmissen. The two players were using Twitter throughout the game, Geshkenbein and Vandersmissen referred to each other as “fat Belgium guy” and “the russian alcoholic”.during their value-betting. Both claiming winning strategies.

After eliminating Koen de Visscher with a pair of jacks, Geshkenbein set the heads-up against Vandersmissen. The final two players had almost the same amount of chips at the kick-off but the heads-up was only to last a short while. Geshkenbein, now with a slight lead, brushed the Belgian asied with two pairs and hit the top spot on the podium to win his first EPT title and cram €390,000 into his pockets. Vandersmissen took the second place prize of €260,000.

The next EPT event will take place in San Remo, Italy, from 27th April to 3rd May.


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