Viktor “Isildur1” Blom wins third SuperStar Showdown

Going in to the third SuperStar Showdown hosted by his sponsor, PokerStars, with a “won one, lose one” track record seems to have been enough to inspire youngster Viktor Blom to up his game.

Viktor Blom

Viktor Blom

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom played his Dan “wooki3z” Cates on Sunday night in the third online Showdown. The confrontation lasted approximately four hours and did not disappoint those who were expecting fireworks between these two online powerhouses.

The SuperStar Showdown was invented by Blom’s sponsor as a way for him to be challenged by strong online players in a multi-table format of pretty high stakes, but nothing to compare with the Tom Dwan Challenge: The match is played across four tables of No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha, at stakes no lower than $50/$100 that will consitute a single session of 2,500 hands. The winner is the player that shows either a profit after 2,500 hands, or wins all of their opponent’s match bankroll.

For this third Showdown, the rules were modified slightly by eliminating the requirement that the 2,500 hands had to be played equally over four tables and in the case of a player busting out on one table, a new one would be set up.

There were wild swings with the lead going back and forth between the two players after an initial good start from Blom was reeled back in by Cates. It was the last hour of the match that saw Blom make his lead stick and use it to work away at Cates until the end of the 2,500 hands and a sizeable profit of $51,196.

Blom lost the first Showdown to Isaac Haxton in December 2010 to the tune of $41,701, but regained that and a little more when he beat Tony G for a profit of $44,820 over same format on New Year’s weekend.

It is rumoured that Daniel Negreanu is taking more than a passing interest in the Showdown, but this could just be a branch of the ultra-strong marketing generated by their mutual sponsor.


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