Beth Shak – High Stakes and High Heels

Beth Shak

Beth Shak

Beth Shak’s home has four password protected closets which are used to house and protect her shoes.  Shak owns over 1,200 pairs which have a value of more than $1,000,000.  She claims that she has worn every pair with the exception of a pair of poker themed Elizabeth Taylor boots she purchased as an investment for $5,000.  Her shoe collection was even the basis of a law suit brought by her husband, hedge fund manager and high stakes poker player, Dan Shak during their divorce proceedings.

While Shak’s heels are worth more than her live tournament cashes, she does have almost $500,000 in tournament earnings. Her latest cash was in the 2013 World Series of Poker.

Like many new players Beth Shak thought that the best way to learn the game was by playing at free money tables and signed up for a Full Tilt Poker play money account. Once she figured she had the game down, she moved on to the real money tables, There she learned the same lesson thousands of others have learned;  play money tables and real money tables have basically  nothing substantial in common.

However, Shak enjoyed the game and made the adjustments and acquired the skills necessary to succeed at the real money tournament tables. She proved she had poker talent when celebrated here first major tournament cash by making the final table of the 2005 World Series of Poker Ladies event.  Full Tilt Poker was also impressed and signed her as a one of their team pros.

Beth Shak's Shoes Collection

Beth Shak’s Shoes Collection is worth over $1m

She came close to adding a bracelet to her collection of accessories when she finished second in the 2007 $3000 WSOP No Limit Hold’em event. While she was denied her first major victory she did take home over $300,000 and received a lot of coverage during the ESPN broadcast of the event.

While her combination of skill, good looks and a pleasant personality gained her a great deal of attention from the poker world; it is her high heels not her high stakes play that have brought her the most attention.  She had appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, 20/20, The View, HLN, and Celebrity Nightmares.  Like fellow poker player Daniel Negreanu, she also appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker.

Shak’s resume also includes ventures in the world of fashion. She holds a patent for a hospital gown and has her own clothing line that features a collection of hoodies, many with poker themes.

Shak is very involved in charitable work and fundraising. Her two main causes are children and animals.  When asked about her career, Shak says she is a philanthropist.

If you run into Shak at the poker table, you can break the ice by asking her about her card cover which is of a Yorkshire terrier named Sabine after the poker room manager at the Aviation Club of Paris.

If you run into her at a high end shoe boutique, you are on your own.


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