Carmel Petresco

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There’s a red hot poker babe out there who looks like a cross between Heather Graham and Drew Barrymore, what more could you ask for? Oh, and she rakes a mean pot too, her name is Carmel Petresco.

Carmel Petresco

Carmel Petresco

Carmel Petresco is a thoroughly sophisticated and well-travelled lady, her youth was divided between New York and Eastern Europe (she’s European by birth). Moving around that much meant that Carmel Petresco had to think fast and adapt. Skills that have been paying her dividends on the poker circuit. She says, “I think that this opportunity to experience different cultures at an early age helped me develop an ability to adapt, which is very useful in poker.” Like most poker players under 30 she got into the cards through that little piece of technology known as the Internet. Carmel  Petresco played on a few free online games (they can be useful y’know) and spent some time watching her male buddies playing. Thinking that anything a mere boy can do she could do as well (if not better) Carmel Petresco did some background reading and found herself drawn to the theories behind high stakes poker and Super System. She does admit her limitations at theses early stages, “I was obviously clueless at that point, but loved it, so I ran to Barnes and Noble and spent the day there with an armful of poker books. I took home a couple, the most important of which was Super System, and began applying what I was reading.” She wasn’t clueless for long.

Treat me mean keep me keen.

Carmel is regarded as an aggressive player, something that doesn’t sit well with her soft girlie looks and demeanour (she includes “shoes” as one of her hobbies). So much so that before being a poker pro the caramel blonde worked as a personal shopper and wardrobe stylist, hardly a typical career arc for a hard as nails poker sharp. She did admit that she never really knew ‘what I wanted to do when I grow up’, until she found poker. Carmel is acutely aware of eth inherent sexism that sits at poker tables, and being a woman (and smokin’ hot one) she has had to deal with that her whole poker career. Some people reckon that having the “looks” make the guys roll over on eth table and want their belly rubbed And some people think that a girl, you can get guys to soft-play them, but that’s now what Carmel Petresco thinks. “That might work in the lower limits, but if you play high enough stakes, the only thing that matters is money.”

But being a girl at the poker table makes it harder to be taken seriously, and it makes guys think they have the right to harass you. A lot of it does not stem from bad intentions, but lack of education. It’s amazing how much sexism is still considered acceptable in our society. These problems haven’t stopped her winning though; Five Diamond World Poker was her 1st big tournament in 2004 where she reached the 9th position in the $1000 No Limit Hold’Em Summer Series. She finished in the 5th place in the 2005 Legends of Poker in the $300 No Limit Hold’Em event. And her most remarkable win was at the Commerce Casino when she made $19,775 at the 2006 No Limit Hold’Em tournament.

It’s not all good news though.

Carmel Petresco usually praises a certain Daniel Alaei when she talks about poker, “Daniel Alaei has been the biggest influence and an opinion shared. He is an amazing young player and an opinion shared by many is that he is the best no-limit cash game player in the world. He is, in many people’s opinion, one of the best no-limit cash game players right now, and being able to watch him play and discusses the game, among other things, has helped me develop a very good understanding of cash games and become a winning player.” That level of praise and attention has suggested to many that the two of them are a couple.

Who says professional poker players aren’t lucky.


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