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Chantel McNulty

One little lady who landed with a bang in 2006 is Chantel McNulty and if her play matches her looks we should all be worried. So far the big guns in the league of Poker Winnings aren’t sweating over Chantel, who has just a few wins over $5,000, but what she lacks in stacks of chips she more than makes up for in other – more aesthetically pleasing – ways and her game is constantly improving. She had two cash finishes in 2006 WSOP finishing 56th in the Ladies No Limit Hold ‘em Tournament and 23rd in the $200 Pot Limit Hold ’em Tournament to go with her long luscious black hair and impish smile.

Chantel McNulty

Chantel McNulty

An early starter, Chantel was raking in chips before she was old enough to drink. She herself described her induction in to the card world as follows, “I use to go to underground run poker games in Dallas and sit behind some of the best poker players in the world and watch them. That really got me interested and I started playing cards myself and I started making money. I never really decided to turn pro…..I started playing 2/5 NL at the Bellagio on a fake ID, I was known as Ashley and the first time I cashed in a tournament they announced my name and everyone was like ‘they got your name wrong Chantel.’” This quote was followed by the cutest little giggle by the way. The second most obvious thing about Chantel (hey, we’re not blind) is her mouth, she loves to talk and most guys would listen to her for hours (and it must seem like that at times). The lovely Ms. McNulty is usually the loudest player at any table she sits down at. But while most players soon tire of listening to guys like Mike Matusow, Chantel has the looks that mean plenty of fellas would hang around just to hear her read the phone book in her Texan drawl (provided she dressed accordingly). Chantel herself knows what she’s like and how some guys simply can’t take it, “When I’m playing poker I’m like Gavin Smith and Tony G combined. I get along with (most) other players either really good or they just don’t like me at all.”

Talking is one thing but being talked about is quite another, and Chantel set ample jaws flapping when she (allegedly) stole Dustin “Neverwin” Woolf off his long term girlfriend, after going to him to learn how to play no limit. Whatever the truth of the matter was, any McNulty / Woolf relationship lasted less time than “critical” posts that went up on Poker forums the length and breadth of the world wide web. But there’s no such thing as bad publicity and being in the public eye (and looking like she does)  garnered Chantel some serious backers who were able (and willing) to stake her to some of the bigger tournament. Things were shaping up nicely for the youngster and she picked up her biggest cash win in the 2007 Mandalay Bay Poker Championship (No-Limit Hold’em Championship) finishing in 17th place and walked away with $17,490. Prior to that, her largest win in a tournament was a mere $5,369. But then things went quiet (on the tables) in 2008, and online chat rooms were full of rumours that the gorgeous poker girl had gone bust. Speaking of bust – the next big thing in front of Chantel was her chest which she had enhanced in 2010, making her even more of a distraction to any men with eyes that wavier off the cards. The smokin’ hot brunette also isn’t adverse to a little bit of girl on girl flirtation (just ask Amanda Leatherman).

How’s a guy supposed to concentrate with those thought jostling in his head, Cards…what cards?


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