Helen Chamberlain

As English roses go they don’t usually sport Football Club emblems on their left butt cheek, eat fire, know how to feed sea lions or win big money on the poker table, but Helen Chamberlain is no ordinary English rose.

Helen Chamberlain

Helen Chamberlain

Why back when a young girl called Helen took herself off to the English resort of Pontins and stared work as an entertainer, but pulling faces for rain sodden kids wasn’t enough for her and soon she’d moved up in the world, to feeding sea lions in Chessinton World of Adventures. She then climbed higher still by getting a job as a disk jockey, then as a kids TV presenter and then finally finding what many see as her true calling, as “the fit one” presenting Sky Televisions flagship hungover Saturday morning football show “Soccer AM”. And a great many Friday night induced headaches were banished and bleary eyes were peeled open to see the gloriously sexy Ms Chamberlain.

Lovely Helen recently got bit by the Poker bug after playing online out of boredom (just who would let her get bored?) got herself an invite to the Poker Millions: The Masters Tournament and didn’t she just go and finish second and win herself $400,000. That’s plenty of money and Helen went and did the sensible thing with it, she bought a racehorse Birkspiel.

For her first big poker tournament sexy Helen was given lessons by the old poker pro ‘Mad’ Marty Wilson and isn’t too tight dispensing advice, Helen reckons that there are two key elements to poker, playing the cards…and playing the bets. Also keep investing your time and winning money at online poker games, because that’s where this gorgeous babe gets most of her rocks off, “I just haven’t got the patience to sit there during a live poker game, going through all the pretence of bluffing and double-bluffing.” She says.

So just to re-cap she’s a card playing money-winning, horse-owning fire-eating babe that’s right out of most guys dreams, does it get any better? Yes it does because she plays darts too – and not only does she throw the arrows she has managed a victory over the great athlete that is Eric Bristowe at the darts variant Cricket.

Better still “Hells Belles” fulfilled many footy and poker fans’ fantasy when she appeared in a steamy photo shoot for the May 2004 edition of Penthouse. Plus the game bird (top football supporter) that she is, paraded herself in Trafalgar Square in her underwear for Euro 2004; legend has it that during the shoot the driver of a double decker bus back ended another bus because he was staring at Helen’s charms (And who could blame him).


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