Isabelle Mercier

Sometimes blonde, sometimes brunette always cute Canadian beauty Isabelle Mercier (born August 5, 1975 in Victoriaville, Quebec) is a professional poker player that is terribly easy on the eye.

Isabelle Mercier

Isabelle Mercier

Before turning to a poker, bi-lingual Mercier earned an undergraduate law degree from the Université de Montréal (that’s in Canada in case you didn’t know) and went on to practice commercial law, but only for six months. Lovely Isabelle then moved to Paris, (France, not Texas) and collected a master’s degree while working as a poker room manager at the classy gambling club Aviation Club de France, where she was nominated for Staff “Person” of the Year, not once but twice at the prestigious European Poker Awards. The next step was, obviously to go and become a poker babe full-time.

At first, Isabelle played around on low stake games and failed to reach the final table on bigger money tourneys, something she is open bout in many TV interviews. Class will always out though and Isabelle’s first proper success came with a WPT International tour in 2004, sexy Issy placed first at the Ladies Night Out event. There’s nothing to sniff at regarding  $25,000 worth of prize money, but more importantly that victory got her face seen by millions of poker fans around the world, who’s been glued to their tellies.

2002 was the breakthrough year for lovely Isabelle when she finished second in the €800 No Limit hold ’em tournament at the Masters Classic of Poker in Amsterdam (pocketing $53,499). Then in 2004 Ms Mercier won the World Poker Tour Ladies’ Night tournament and the $25,000 first prize, this is where no lesser poker authority than Mike Sexton nicknamed her “No Mercy.” Mercier / No Mercy gettit?

It looks like Mercier is already well on her way of achieving her ambition of “winning as many major titles as possible”.

If you want to see more of her (why wouldn’t you) you’ll be happy to know that Is has her own instructional poker DVD and has appeared in the movie That’s Poker. She can also string a sentence together and in January 2008, she released her own biography: Profession : bluffeuse in Montreal, available from all good bookshops (and some rubbish ones too). Sexy Isabelle knows her onions and knows who to credit as masters of the poker arts, and she is keen to voice her respect for Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey.

On April 27, 2009, Mercier won the PokerStars’ Ante Up for Africa charity tournament in Monte Carlo. The final table included fellow Canadian Daniel Negreanu, Australian Tony G, John Duthie (creator of the European Poker Tour), Italian pro Dario Minieri (who finished third), and English soccer star Teddy Sheringham (who came in second).

You’ll probably like to know that No Mercy is single with no kids, she obviously knows where her priorities lie.  Mercier started playing poker when she was very young with her family and describes her favourite game as “Hold ‘Em in all its variations”.


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