Kathy Liebert

There’s as many different women as there are tastes, you might want to know that there’s a super smart fortysomething poker star. What Kathy Liebert may lack when she stacks up next to a stone cold fox like Heater Graham, there’s no-one who can look down the Rhinoplasty nose at her when it comes to poker prowess.

Kathy Liebert

Kathy Liebert

As a girl Kathy played a lot of loose change card games around the family dinner table and for years considered poker to be just a hobby. So when she came of age, and age where she could have hit the poker scene she instead went off to college and got herself a BA degree in business and finance, something that would come in very useful for counting and investing her winnings, when she did land on planet poker. The degree led to a job as a business analyst but Kathy was soon bored with the 9-to-5 of an office drone and quit. It’s momma Liebert we have to thank for this because, she told Kathy, “if you can’t love the job that you’re doing – do the job that you love”. Bye-bye business analyst, hello poker tournaments!

Poker mecca beckoned and Kathy soon found herself in Las Vegas and had a go at playing poker in a casino. She not have won straight off the bat, she was hardly embarrassed either. An alternative career opened up to her.

Never one to be single minded Kathy moved over to Colorado so as not to neglect her skiing, but when she was off piste she started hanging out in local casinos. While she never set the world of big wins on fire her sensible attitude to play at her character, got her noticed by the casino’s management and she was asked to be a pro-player

While getting paid to play poker with someone else’s money might be enough for some, Kathy soon got itchy feet and felt the need to stretch herself and test her skills in a Las Vegas tournament. She may have missed out on the top prize, finishing second but took this as a good sign and soon back in a seat at a Texas hold ’em tournament and within a week she had her second silver medal finish. The $34,000 won from just two tournaments bankrolled Kathy and she went on to win the inaugural party poker.com million in 2002 when she became the first woman to win $1 million prize at the tables.

Beginners’ luck you may say, and you’d be wrong! In 2004 Kathy went and won a World Series of poker bracelet in the 1500 limit hold shootout event and again in 2005 she emerged victorious in the televised poker Royale battle of the sexes.

The straight up no-nonsense fortysomething Kathy Liebert is one of the best female poker stars out there and she’s sitting on top of cash earnings well over $5,577,000. If you’re still one of those Neanderthals who think that poker is a game just for the boys take heed of what our Kathy says, “It’s not a game of strength; it’s a game of intelligence,” Liebert said, “And a lot of it has to do with patience and discipline, as well as memory, and so I would say that women have all of the skills and in some cases even more of the skills than men in terms of being successful poker players.”

So be warned!


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