Lynette Chan

Lynette Chan

Cute Canadian poker player Lynette Chan

A few years ago a cute girl from Canada popped into a Vancouver casino and a love affair of Ai no korîda proportions was born. The gorgeous Lynette Chan found she had a way with the cards and began learning her trade, sharpening her skills and building a bank roll. The Shapely Ms Chan started playing poker in her hometown of Vancouver four years ago, turned on by the excitement she saw on televised Poker Tournaments like World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. She’s now a real honey at the tables, and like a beautiful Japanese fighting fish the Asian Beauty that is Lynette Chan is utterly gorgeous yet hard as a coffin nail when it comes to the flop. Who is she? Well she’s the new face of Full Tilt Poker and what a face.

Super cutie Lynette Chan first burst onto the world poker stage in the 2006 WPT Invitational and she’s strengthened her position over the last four years.  Lovely though she is in the flesh, nowadays you have to make do with the online version of the Canadian beauty as Lynette is now as a red pro on Full Tilt.  Before busting out of the straight life and into the poker world, Lynette was a marketing executive for top luxury automotive brands, including Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes. Even of you don’t know anything about executive marketing of posh cars, it was clear that the experience, or sales and wealth, has served Chan well.

Out on the casino floor, smiling demurely  from across the green baize Lynette’s soft looks and friendly manner saw her poised to become the next wow-girl of the male dominated poker arena. But full tilt offered her the opportunity to play with their money as an online pro. Now Lynette Chan sightings are as rare as royal flushes on the flop.

Lynette still travels to Montreal every winter season to play in charity tournaments supported and sponsored by Full Tilt. However she much prefers the warmth of south of the border, plus she is no fan of taxi drivers who pretend not to speak English.

For two years now Lynette has called Los Angeles home but don’t expect to see her at a glut of Hollywood parties as she is obliged to commit to eight hours a day online at Full Tilt, as a poker pro should. That’s where you should look if you want some Chan action.

A huge plus other than the obvious is that part of Chan’s work deal is that she plays in low limit tournaments for Full Tilt giving little beginners, (or serious-money virgins) a chance to interact with a real eight cylinder pro (at fraction of the cost).

Chan can turn her hand to any number of games. But her strongest game is No-Limit Hold ’em and she also enjoys playing Omaha Hi/Lo and Pot-Limit Omaha.

As for her winnings (according to Officialpokerrankings) Lynette has invested $264k in tournaments and has made a tidy profit of $19.5k.

Away from the tables Lynette is a well publicised animal lover and is devoted to Portia, the main love of her life so far, but don’t let the competing scare you away, Portia is her pet Chihuahua. If you’re lucky to come across the Asian beauty don’t let her shapely charms be liege the cold poker players’ soul beneath.

This poker babe wont be found old and nicotine stained at a table at 4am drunkenly chasing bad beats, she’s got interests outside of the gambling ring and that what gives her real staying power She stays in shape with a regime of weights, Pilates, yoga and cardio work almost everyday of the week, and now she’s getting into golf!

Much has been written about Chan’s ability to maintain her sweet and innocent demeanour while going head to head with some of the game’s most ballsey male players. The Japanese fish reference is somewhat of target as Lynette is firstly Canadian (being born in Vancouver) and is 100% Chinese by parentage. If being gorgeous wasn’t enough for a global poker audience the former public school girl scores big points with Full Tilt as she’s a Canadian national who is fluent in Mandarin. But that’s only useful if there any Mandarin speakers out there who like to gamble. Unfortunately there seem to be no images of Lynette Chan in her school uniform available.


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