Melanie Weisner

Beautiful blondes are two a penny, beautiful blondes who kick ass at poker are a little rarer, but don’t forget the beautiful dark haired girls! There’s one out there who’s big on the felt and is only going to get bigger in 2011, step forward the raven haired gorgeous gal that is Melanie Weisner, also known by her PokerStars online screen name Callisto 5.

Melanie Weisner

Melanie Weisner

Why should we care who Melanie Weisner is? Well let’s leave the long flowing hair, the deep dark eyes, the figure and the curves and let’s mention that Melanie Weisner has great prowess and results online, and she’s good enough to have Full Tilt Poker sign her as a sponsored pro. So with the looks the backing and the skills to pay the bills expect to see plenty of Melanie Weisner in 2011.  Weisner is no seasoned pro though, she’s been on the scene since just 2008, but in that time has had five online cashes of over $10,000, including a tasty $50,000 score in the Full Tilt Poker Sunday 500 last August. She’s no also ran at the live tournaments, and in less than a year racked-up five 5-figure cashes, including three in the neighbourhood of $30 grand Do the maths and that’s roughly $425,000 in earnings!

Now you’re interested!

The little girl from Houston, Texas, decided poker was a better money spinner than selling lemonade when her brother won $50K playing online and she decided that she was smarter than him so should have no problem winning more. Back then she was a student studying Musical Theatre at NYU. On the tables (in ring games) Melanie struggled at first but being a stubborn girl, she vowed to improve. And improve she did!

Learning through hard graft and experience Melanie Weisner developed a huge affinity for heads-up poker due to the large number of hands she could play.

The poker continued but so did the studies (there’s a lesson for budding poker pros!) and after graduation Melanie began to travel the live circuit, where she won the EPT Ladies Event in Prague in December, 2009, followed by the EPT Ladies Event in Monte Carlo in April, 2010 and took home €25,000 in the main event at EPT Monte Carlo. Then at the 2010 World Series of Poker, the dark haired beauty tied for 18th and cashed $18,420 in the $10,000 No-Limit Heads-Up Championship event, (if you’re keeping score she lost to Vanessa Rousso in the fourth round, sometimes blondes do have more fun!)

Despite her brains Melanie is no cold fish and reckons that the most valuable skill she has is her ability to trust her instincts. “Do not over rationalize and talk yourself out of your instincts. If you’ve put the necessary work into your game, you need to trust your instincts…Take that edge.”

My instincts tell me that you’ll be hearing the name Melanie Weisner a lot this year.


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