Sandra Naujoks

Sandra Naujoks

Sandra Naujoks

The snake known as the black mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis) is the longest venomous snake in Africa, it averages around 8.2 ft in length, It is also the fastest snake in the world, capable of moving at 12 mph).However there is a more dangerous Black Mamba who is one of the hottest Poker Players to hail from Germany, she averages around a 10 (out of ten) and is also one of the tastiest players moving around the poker scene (mph unknown). The Black Mamba happens to be the nom de plume of hot poker babe Sandra Naujoks. Sandra was born on July 11th 1981 in Dessau (Germany), but now calls the German capital Berlin home (or haus). So much for the facts, check out this stunning brunette’s figure! If the way she looks isn’t enough for you, you should know that Sandra Naujoks was voted European Female Player of the Year and was the Winner of German Poker Open EPT Season 5.

The black mamba (snake) is not commonly found above altitudes of 1000 metres, although the distribution of black mambas does reach 1800 metres (5905.5 feet) in Kenya and 1650 metres (5413.3 feet) in Zambia.However, the Black Mamba (poker babe)is usually found at the poker table under her black cowboy hat. If you like your poker babes with the best of “bad habits” then you should know that  Naujoks is a big cigar aficionado, and can often be found in online pictures and in magazine spreads smoking (or rolling in her fingers) a fat one. Because no little girl dreams of growing up to be a poker pro, Naujoks had desires on being a teacher, and after graduating college (where she’d studied German and History) that’s exactly what she did. She enjoyed it but kept being distracted by less “academic” pursuits, somewhat randomly as a graphic designer and model. It was while she was juggling her twin passions of graphic design and looking hot in front of a camera that Sandra killed a little down time with online poker. She found that she had a natural talent and was certainly smart enough to work the odds. Online success begat online success and it wasn’t long before the beautiful dark haired fräulein, took herself off to real life poker tournament.

Naujok’s first big live tournament win was at the CAPT Baden event. The Black Mamba struck with deadly accuracy and finished in first place in the 4000 euro No Limit Poker event, winning the very tidy sum of 174,5000 euros and beating off out some pretty tough competition en route to the winners’ podium, including Pokerstars pro Alex Kravchenko, who she faced (and triumphed over) heads up to win the tournament.

Then in 2008, Naujoks really got her poker career going with a (very respectable) fifth place finish at the Casinos Austria Poker Tour Graz Open and made a sweet $23,500 for her efforts. Black mambas don’t hibernate and just few months later, the lady with the hat won the CAPT Baden (pocketing $240,000) and then a year later, Naujoks shook the poker world again by winning European Poker Tour German Open for a colossal $1.1 million. Some might say that that win wasn’t about the money, as it made the (officially hot) Naujoks the first woman to win an EPT event.

The black mamba (snake) is shy and secretive; it seeks to escape, rather than fight when a confrontation occurs and would rather scare away an attacker, through bluff than fight. Black Mamba Sandra Naujoks knows plenty about bluffing and scaring away competitors, but she’s no shy retiring type at the table, and (thankfully) she’s not shy off the table too. The Black Mamba has also recorded multiple other big cash wins since , including a $52,000 for finishing 36th in the 2009 $10K EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo and a first in the 2009 Team Cup Mountain Poker Party in Seefeld for $11,000. All in Sexy Sandra has won over $2 million in live tournaments, a good job too because those cigars she adores don’t come cheap.

Recently Verlust (that’s German for miss) Naujoks, was amongst the Day 4 casualties of the WSOP 2011 main event, but you really can’t keep a good woman down. The Black mamba will strike again, and I for one can’t wait to see this looker at the poker table.


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