Serinda Swan

If you managed to drag yourself away from the felt and the cards for a couple of hours you might have taken at trip to the DVD store to be disappointed by Tron: Legacy but I’m sure you remember the Lyrca clad sirens (in glorious 3-D) and it may warm your heart to know that siren#2 was actually the raven haired poker beauty Serinda Swan. Someone call the Academy awards!

Serinda Swan

Serinda Swan

With a name like a porn star and a body like…well a porn star Serinda Swan is one the hottest things to happen to poker in the last few years.  Born on July 11, 1984 up in Vancouver Ms. Swan is a stunning new face in the poker industry and one of the most easily recognised faces on the tables. Her parents named her “Serinda” after a Tibetan musical instrument, y’know the wind instrument, from Tibet…the Serinda and just for the record the eyes are green, the hair is brown and the vitals are 34-24-35 (just don’t ask how I know that). Anyone that’s seen Serinda in the flesh won’t be surprised that in an online poker survey, when players were asked which celebrity they’d most like to play some hands of strip poker with, Serinda Swan tied with Carmen Electra for the top spot. And no disrespect to Carmen but with Serinda, even if you ended up naked you’d still have a worthwhile time with the cards.

Firstly Serinda’s an actress/model but her career consisted mostly of commercials and guests appearances on televisions shows. She began her career as a fashion model and was on the books with Dorinha Girls and in 2007 was named the face of Guess Watches taking her near to a super-model stardom. But looks aren’t everything and that’s certainly true with Serinda this hottie is an avid online poker player and her entrance in the world of professional poker was given a hand by Absolute Poker when she signed up as a spokeswoman and pro player for the site. Keep your eyes peeled because Serinda can also be seen on the Absolute Poker marketing campaigns and commercials of the site. But she’s no mere window dressing and is taking her poker seriously. Aside from playing online she also attended a card school boot camp and took home a report card full of “As”. Always keen to get some extra schooling in Sirenda managed to fit in extra classes (between TV roles) from professional cardsmen Phil Hellmuth and Mark Seif. Reports that she turned up to class in a short pleated skirt and presented teacher with an apple each day are unconfirmed.

If you meet her on the tables expect to be playing Hold ‘em as it’s her game of choice, and she knows here way around a deck and isn’t shy of big blinds. So don’t be shy about getting out there and trawling for a game with this dark haired babe because she’s out there a lot, she herself admits that she still needs to sharpen skills and you can only do that through practice. With the looks and the skills (and a set pass to some cool shows) Serinda is perfect girlfriend material but there’s one tiny problem….This poker bombshell has standards, very high standards. Naughty Serinda made ripples when the story “Serinda Swan Lusts After Prince William” broke and she admitted that the second in line to the British throne takes the top spot on her list of favourite celebrities.  Unsubstantiated rumours from Buckingham Palace say that Kate Middleton is furiously learning the ins and outs of Texas Hold ‘em in a bit to keep pace with Swan.

She may never get to be a HRH or Queen of England but Serinda is certainly Queen of a few hearts in the Poker Community.


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