Tiffany Michelle

Some stories are just too good to be true, and other stories like the one about the Teen Beauty Queen who ran off to Hollywood attempting to make it as an actress up ended up as one of the hottest poker stars on the felt SHOULD be too good to be true, but that’s the story with Tiffany Michelle aka Tiffany “Hot Chip” Michelle.

Tiffany Michelle

Tiffany Michelle – Teen Beauty Queen & Pro Poker player

As a young girl Tiffany Michelle soon developed a ballsey attitude due to being surrounded by a bunch of brothers. Amongst the typical tomboy behaviour and pastimes, young Tiffany started joining the boys at the poker table and was inducted into the ways of the cards by a kindly grandfather. Thanks pops! The ten-years-old loved attention and loved to perform, which soon saw her trying out for local theatres A natural star, Tiffany Michelle began performing and touring with shows all over the country from the time she was ten and won the Lancaster Performing Arts Center “Best Young Performer” award twice. Beyond that she had the looks to back up her talents, holding at various times, titles of Miss Teen Newhall, Miss Teen Santa Clarita Valley and she was a finalist in the Miss Teenage California pageant.

The performing bug took hold of the dark haired beauty and didn’t let go, today she performs in many different and diverse productions and her CV included roles in ER, Nip Tuck and many stage shows. If the idea of a brunette babe that hangs out in Hollywood and looks like a movie star isn’t enough for you, you should be suitably impressed with the fact that she kicks big time butt on the poker scene too. Unlike so many of the younger players for whom No Limit Hold ’em is the only poker, Tiffany also gets pleasure from a hands of Stud, Omaha and Chinese poker and has appeared on GSN’s World Series of Blackjack.

Usually struggling actors have to wait tables between acting gigs but Tiff had a different sort of table in mind during her down time between auditions. She hit the pokers tables and was making more than the average waffle house waitress immediately. Poker started as a social thing for Hot Chip, before she was known as Hot Chip (although I’m sure she was called Hot from a very early age),  Tiffany played for fun at local house games down in Hollywood with fellow actors, but the money she made soon became no laughing matter. Tiffany broke onto the big time in 2005 and then caught the tournament bug after winning her very first Vegas tournament. Tiffany topped up her poker knowledge with her performing skills, big  personality and not to mention her figure and her looks, managed to establish a chatty and mocking persona (just teasing remember) on the tables. She soon became a face on the scene and was duly asked to join Bluff Radio’s 2006 national broadcast team for the WSOP coverage on Sirius Satellite Radio.

The following year Ms Chip travelled the world as the On-Camera Hostess for and in then returned to the WSOP (2008) for a second year hostessing player interviews and offering commentary for the Official Media Update team.

If the poker wasn’t enough to grab your attention than Tiffany’s inclusion and on screen charms certainly were.

At this point in time, most of the talk about Tiffany was down to her looks and her figure, (for those of you who haven’t yet Google imaged her, she has the look of a Teri Hatcher in her prime, only hotter) which pushed aside serious consideration of her poker skills and left people concentrating on her womanly attributes, but at the 2008 WSOP players and poker fans had to sit up and take notice. Tiffany made a big impact when she placed 17th out of 6,844 players (and tucked a cool $334,534 into her purse to boot) in the Main Event. This impressive finish made her the first woman to beat such a large field in any live tournament in recent memory.

This little lady lost a few friends with her attitude but her fans are in a clear majority and as she just keeps on hitting those and rolling ion her bankroll expect to hear plenty more about the “Hot Chip”.


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    She is hot? You must be joking? She looks cute though. Beauty queens are not hot but just plain looking cute.

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