Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila

When you sit down in the comfort of your own home, and fire up the computer to play a few hands, take a moment to ponder just who might be on the other side of the screen. It might just be one of the sexy female stars of the poker world.

Read on to find out just what you might be up against.

The girls are out there and they’re winning money, stealing hearts and collecting trophies as if they were born to play the game…

We’ve all had a shot of Tequila, have spent many a long leisurely drunken evezing necking tasty Tequila, some may have used Tequila to get someone into bed, we all lost money thanks to Tequila and some say that a weekend begins and ends with Tequila.

We’re talking about the blue agave–based spirit from Mexico, but several of the above facts would be equally true if we were talking about the sexiest player to bluff a low pair, that’s Tila Tequila.

There’s no deigning that Tequila (Tila) is a heady intoxicant that that should only be mixed with poker with extreme care.

Tequila, it makes you happy, Tequila it feels fine…

This small but perfectly formed beauty was born Tila Nguyen in Singapore back in 1981. The Nguyen family soon after immigrated to the US, and Houston, Texas, became the young Tila’s home. Tila found it difficult to settle as a schoolgirl and kept being sent from one boarding school to another until she headed to Hollywood at 18. Her dream was fame and fortune…

Tila Tequila Hot

Tila Tequila Hot

Like many gorgeous gals Tila was approached by someone claiming to be from Playboy magazine when she was in a mall and asked if she would pose nude. In this case it actually was a representative of the magazine!

Tila turned them down (SHOCKING) but changed her mind a few years later, going nude and topless.

It was the April 2002 issue that the dazzling Tila appeared in and she went on to become the first Asian Cyber Girl of the month. With a technical savvy that belies her beauty, Tila set up her MySpace account in September 2003 and went GLOBAL! So far her page has been viewed well over 50 million times.

After that, the 4’11” model never looked back! She became a TV star, a rapper and musician and somewhat surprisingly a poker star!

Oh Tequila…so hard to say no, though it gives you the fever…

Tequila is known for her stunning form in men’s magazines like Stuff, Maxim, Penthouse, where she appears in a variety of lingerie and bikinis shots, and occasionally naked!

Plus she has worked as host of the Fuse TV show which features segments like stripteases, Pants-Off Dance-Off and was the driving force behind her very own MTV reality show “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila”, which lasted for a pair of seasons.

Pretends to be friendly, Then it’s all over…

The TV show was significantly different to most “dating shows” because Unlike the usual reality dating show, Tila’s show featured 16 males and 16 lesbians compete for Tila’s time and affection while they all lived and interacted in one big house.

Did we mention that Tila is openly bi-sexual, with a mind that suits her 36-26-37 figure?

If not, know that she is!

Awards followed Tequila around like so many love struck suitors, as she went and won 2007’s The Soup Awards for Entertainer of the Year and the Spike Annual Guy’s Awards for So Hot They’re Famous 2008.

If there’s a lot on your mind Tequila’s there to help you forget,

To relax and rewind and leave behind the regret…

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila

The divine Ms T (no relation to Mr T) appeared on the August 2006 Maxim UK cover, was named #88 in their Hot 100 List, and also appeared in the December 2007 issue of Loaded and hasn’t been out of the mens’ max since.

Tila also made an appearance on the small screen as one of the 12 strangers in the first game on the April 6, 2007 episode of NBC’s game show Identity. And in 2007 she made a cameo appearance on the show “War At Home. Completely a acting hat-trick Tila then squeezed herself into the iconic shorts and tight top of a Hooters Girl in the 2007 film “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”.

She was the best thing about the film, but the academy award seemed to have missed her performance.

First sip makes you well before you know i, you’re saying let’s have salt, lemon and lime,

Furthermore the little devil with the cards that is Ms Tequila has featured on the front of top magazines like Penthouse, King, Blender, and most recently Steppin’ Out

Not contend with dominating the glamour world and with her diminutive fingers on a great many online pulses, Tila decided to launch two online casino gambling sites, on the strength of her profile.

TilaCasino.com and TilaPoker.com are the two web address which she host games. On her site, players earn points known as Tequila Shots (gettit?) by playing in ring games and raked tournaments.

And certain lucky winners on her poker website got a chance of a spot on season two of “Shot of Love”.

Cos it’s Tequila when the doors are opened, And it’s Tequila when they’re calling time.

If Tila Tequila isn’t temptation enough for you your first deposit at Tila Poker, she gives you a 100% bonus (up to a generous $600) into your poker account, isn’t she generous.

Plus despite having something worth looking at during slow hands, Tequila (the girl) and her website also has the benefit of having a teenage fanbase, so there’s a very good chance that you can clean up taking hard earned pocket money off teenage boys, who are gambling with their hormones.

If that doesn’t float your boat, did we mention just how hot she looks?

Song words from Tequila by Terrorvison.


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