Veronika Larsen

If you think that Norway is all about dour grey crime dramas you should really check out this sexy Norwegian living in Europe. What’s even more attractive is that Veronika Larsen is currently single, leaving her plenty of boyfriend-free time to practice her poker playing strategies.

Poker Player Veronika Larsen

Hot Norwegian Poker Player Veronika Larsen

Young, blonde, beautiful and deadly at the baize Veronika Larsen is a thoroughbred Texas Hold’em player, who’s bagged the Poker Queen title several times over in her short, but distinguished career amongst poker tournaments.

Some might say that Veronika is favoured as the face of certain tournaments simply because of her Nordic good looks, but she’s not only sexy, blonde, blue eyed, but she’s stunningly intelligent and a terror of the tables of texas hold’em. People often think that lovely Larsen must be a model or TV star because of her stunning looks and lithe toned figure, but this Euro bombshell babe was no airhead clothes horse, she had a regular day job that she quit to pursue a full time career in professional poker.

Lovely Veronika Larsen earned a seat at the Poker echelons of fame thanks to her high profile stint during the European Poker Tour and she got plenty of attention from a lot of enthusiasts and brother (and sister) poker players by ranking high up in the European Ladies Championship.

‘Poker Babe’ Veronika got her big break in the world of professional poker, when the Swedish gaming authority, called Betsson honoured her with the 2006 title of “Poker Queen”. It was a great day to be near Veronika (as most of them are) as the event was up and running for a full year on the Euro poker tourney circuit and whipped up a huge great amount of public following and hot media coverage.

Voluptuous Veronica Larsen has carved out a “respectable” career playing pro poker at PokerStars but she is also turning a fair profit playing for cash wins in European Poker Tournaments. Sexy Ms Larsen may have only been playing for the less than ten years having turned pro as a teenager, but the beautiful Nordic goddess has already won many accolades, not least a 7th place placing in the European Poker Ladies Championship. Vivacious Veronika can often be seen being regularly interviewed by Sky sports, stating a fine case for determination and tenacity that has seen her to come up tops in a challenging cash games, tournaments and making it big on the global poker scene.

As is so often the way with poker beauties, they very difficult to get your hands on them and Veronika is no exception, these days she tends to play in big cash poker games and travelling the Euro poker tour circuit in search of the big money where she can make her mark, and big in Texas Hold’em, online poker and regular tourneys too! And everyone can appreciate the poster girl beauty coupled with the brains of Veronika Larsen.

My money is no doubt going on Veronika Larsen, to impress again and again on the poker tables, as she is one of the most dominating female faces at the European professional poker tournaments for decades.


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