Victoria Coren

There’s something undeniably hot about a British babe with a British accent, in fact the only way she could raise the temperature further would be to a Poker Shark to boot…Victoria “Vicky” Coren, you say? I’m all ears.

Victoria Coren

Victoria Coren

Lovely Vicky was born on 18th August 1973 and is a (terribly) British writer and presenter, who unwinds by being a champion poker player. The Poker babe writes weekly columns for British newspapers The Observer and The Guardian, plus she’s been published in the Daily Telegraph and a few international magazines, she is also a frequently appeared on the box as host on BBC TV shows like Balderdash and Piffle, plus she hosts a BBC television quiz show Only Connect. So to recap she’s easy on the eye, very easy on the ear, she can string a sentence together and she kicks ass at the poker table. I’m sold!

Coren was born in the country’s capital and is the daughter of the journalist and humorist Alan Coren, who seems to have instilled the desire to write and publish into his kids as Vicky’s brother is journalist Giles Coren. Ms Coren is a graduate of the prestigious St John’s College, Oxford. Before you chalk her up as a bookish know-all, who rather sit in silence in a library than raise some hell around town, you should know that Vicky has said that she habitually stays up ‘til dawn, having a good time. Her definition of a good time is ‘Smoking, and drinking and gambling!” If that didn’t make s her girlfriend material you might be interested to know she also claims to enjoy cooking, (hey a guy’s got to eat). Vicky admits that her passions, which also include gardening, “makes me sound like a very strange mix of an old lady and teenage boy.” Don’t worry though this tasty blonde looks nothing like either a teenage boy or an old lady.

Vicky Coren is a regular sight (for sore and bleary eyes) at the famous London Victoria Casino in London’s Edgware Road, where she regularly wins big (at last count her winnings have exceeded a million pounds) at the poker tables. She claims this is where she loves to play (it just HAPPENS to be where she boasts an excellent winning record) but she also claims that the Victoria Casino is more suited to her playing style and laid back personality. Win or lose, she meets both those imposters both the same and is always a gracious loser or an unpretentious winner. She can often be seen with her blonde locks under a PokerStars branded trilby.

Equally happy on either side of the table, vivacious Victoria has worked as a guest interviewer and hostess on televised poker tournaments both in the USA and Britain. It might impress you to know that foxy Coren was the first girl to win an event on the European Poker Tour where she earned £500,000. That win came after a four-days of play where Vicky found herself heads up with the Australian poker professional Emad Tahtouh. After two hands of heads-up play the table flop read 5-3-4. Tahtouh bet out and Coren called. A 10 came out on the turn on the turn, so Tahtouh went all-in and Coren called. The Aussie showed 8-6, but Coren had 6-7. Having flopped the straight and (there was no 7 on the river) giving our Vicky the game! She now holds the honour of being the first player to win both a televised professional tournament (EPT London 2006) and a televised celebrity tournament (Celebrity Poker Club 2005) where she defeated snooker pro Willie Thorne and then  joined (American poker commentator and player) Jesse May as the commentator in series three. In the 2003 Hold-Em 100 tournament in London she was a guest dealer for the final table. We’re still not sure whether that makes her a celebrity or a poker star or a poker celebrity, whatever you want to call her she’s certainly a poker babe.

And her game of choice, well unsurprisingly it’s Texas Hold ‘em.

Hold your breath, because Vicky has one more (quite significant Ace up her designer sleeve). Cora has written a book entitled Once More, with Feeling. The book was inspired by her freelance gig reviewing porn films for the Erotic Review, and details her attempt (with co-author Charlie Skelton) to make simply the best hardcore porn movie. Honestly!  Vicky left porn for poker and her next book was her memoir For Richer, For Poorer: A Love Affair with Poker, which was favorably reviewed in all the publications she wrote for, and plenty of others that she hadn’t!


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