Poker Acronyms & Abbreviations

Poker may well be an oft spoken language and online poker may be a truly multilingual activity but whether  you’re playing Texas Hold ‘em in Copenhagen  or Omaha in India you’re gonna come across plenty of acronimizations, here a guide to separate your DFA from your LOL.

Poker Acronyms & Abbreviations

Learn Poker Acronyms & Abbreviations before becoming pro

In the modern Poker world more and more cards are being flopped online and more and more money is being passed over the internet. One of the side effects of this technological progression and the speed with which online games are played is that people (especially those pesky kids) don’t have time to type whole words and tend to communicate with abbreviations and acronyms in the online poker community. Online in poker forums, poker sites and poker chat boxes, you’ll find a plethora of jargon that was never heard in the real world of Poker back rooms and casinos. The most seasoned pro might, an asl (see below) find themselves at a BOAL (bit of a loss) when dropped into the mumbo jumbo gumbo that is online poker chat, but fear not because here’s your helpful poker uncle to tell you WIW (what is what). If you need to be told that y means Yes and n means No, you probably won’t even be computer-savvy enough to be reading this so here’s a slightly more advanced Poker Chat review for you to pepper your patter with.

asl = as mentioned above this is someone who is somewhat of a luddite,  (once up on a time “a/s/l” was once a common acronym typed online, and was used to referred to age/sex/location  in online chat rooms, when they were young).

So of the basics:

Ai = all-in, to be used in case anyone isn’t up to speed enough to realise the significance of your bet, also useful when (double) bluffing as it announce your intent.

(CRAI = check-raise all-in)

C-bet = Not a C-Note ($100) bet but a continuation Bet

Cbf = Can’t be Bothered.

Ch = Simply “check”

C = Simply “call”

F = fold

R = raise

nh = nice hand

nb = nice bet

nc = nice call

ep = early position

mp = middle position

lp = late position

CO = cutoff

BB = Big Blind

SB = Small Blind

BTN = Button

UTG = Under The Gun

ft = Final Table

H/U = Heads up

HUD = Heads up display

TPTK = Top Pair, Top Kicker – a double whammy.

V-bet = Value Bet

Amongst the banter, there’s still room for honourable appreciation of your opponents so there’s

gg = good game

gl = good luck

g1 = good one

g1bf = Good One Big Fella

n1 = nice one

BFF = Technically Best Friend Forever, actually means “I have the mentality of a 12 year old girl”.

WTG = Way to go!

wp = well played

ul = unlucky

ty = thank you

tyvm = ty very much

yw = you’re welcome

As Poker isn’t a game associated with geriatric ladies tea parties, There’s a wealth of smack talk that you can bat around;

n00b = A “newbie” a new person to online poker AKA a Cherryboy, or someone who makes rudimentary errors, as a new player would.

nb = “Nota bene” that’s Latin for “Note well”.

pwn = Thanks to First person Shooter games we have this verb to be used instead of “owned” . Often used to describe dominating a hand or a player. The past tense is typed as “pwned” or “pwnt”.

LOL or lol  = Laugh Out Loud

lmao = laughing my ass off

LOLLERSKATES = The funniest thing on four wheel, for when LOL isn’t enough; when something is really funny.

LOLLERCAUST = Funnier than LOLERSKATES…you get the idea.

ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing!

ROFLCOPTER = another way of saying ROFL (see above); almost as if playing online poker is fun.

nm = never mind

ld = like duh, (when someone posts a really obvious comments)

ldo = like duh, obviously…, (when someone posts a really, really obvious comment)

DBR = Don’t be ridiculous/retarded!

BS = good old fashioned bullsh**!

OMG -=Oh My God

F = “F word” eg. OMFG = Oh my F’n God! And gfy = Go F Yourself GTFO = Get The F Out! GTFOOH = Get The F Out Of Here. WTF? = What The F? FFS – for F’s sake!

If things get a little heated at the poker table you might read;

FOAD = F’ Off And Die

gifafi = Go ice fishing and fall in (mean)

diaf = die in a fire(bad)

diagf = die in a grease fire (worse)

POS = piece of sh**!

UPOS= You Piece of Sh**.

SIBS = When considering a play, much like le Chiffre considering to call James Bond. Stands for Strokes Imaginary Beard Slowly

CTD – Circling The Drain

When someone is on their way out, they’re Circling the Drain.

There’s also the techie side of anachronism:

PT – Poker Tracker

PO – Poker Office

PTBB = PokerTracker Big Blinds (big blind amount multiplied by two)

DB = database

+ =Plus. Meant to imply something is better For example  TT+ would mean pocket tens or better

ikto = “I know This One”

idk = “I don’t know”

TID = Take it down!

obv = “obvious”, obviously.

sfobv = A tricky one, actually stands for “So F’n obvious”. Liable to be derided as sfi = So F-ing ironic.

woot = Like Whoop it’s a word used to celebrate, also spelled “w00t”


World Series of Poker. World’s most prestigious Poker tournament.


World Championship Of Online Poker, where you might just end up

All in all that should see you through the tricky verbal minefield of online poker chat. So TTFN – Ta Ta for Now and ttyiab = talk to you in a bit.


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