Omaha Poker Tips

The Hold’em know as “Texas” remains the most popular form of Hold’em online, but  Omaha Hold’em continues to be popular at both the higher and lower limits, and can really add another level to your online gaming.

Omaha Poker Tips

Omaha Poker Tips

Omaha is only about 800 miles from Texas, and the two card games are even closer.

But first things first, Omaha is played with four, as opposed to the two hole cards you get in Texas but still five community cards (the flop, the turn, and the river). Four hole cards provide players with several more possible hand combinations pre and post flop, so pay attention.

The usual strategy in most Omaha games is you seldom play hands head-up on the flop, and anytime there are three (or more) players in a hand, there will be a couple of decent hands or a clean winner sat at the table, so (frequent) bluffing is a big mistake. With three (or more)  in the pot it is very likely that the board has hit someone hard enough to continue. If you’re bluffing, even with outs, you’re gonna get burnt.

If you like Omaha you have to like maths, because often in Omaha winning hands comes down to calculating your chances of winning all or part of a pot and with that in mind you have to have the confidence to manipulate the value of the pot via your betting.

Also unlike Texas Hold’em you’re unable to bet all your chips on any one ne particular hand, Hold’em rewards aggression where Omaha poker rewards patience.

It’s a bit like the hare and the tortoise, patiently playing strong starting hands generally result in winning sessions for patient players. It’s not a Jack the lad play one play all attitude, so in that respect it’s more of a grown ups game.

The golden rule with Omaha is DON’T play too many ‘2-card’ hands such as J-J-7-3.

You have four hole cards for a reason, and also your opponents have four cards too.

Taking the above hand as an example The only way this hand can hit the flop hard is to spike a Jack – with just a 2 out of the 6 possible 2-card combinations would work for you. Conversely a hand such as Q-Q-A-J double suited can hit the flop in plenty of ways – making sexy straights or fab flushes as well as those high-pair combinations.


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