Simple is as simple does

There’s tome after tome of written about the art of poker, tips and strategies so much so, that much of this library is mere bunkum, subterfuge, psychology, complex manoeuvres and has little relevance at the usual level of poker play.

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson

At low limit games or poker, you can throw most of these (deluxe) hold`em tips out with any cigar singed cards you may have. If you’re happy to be playing low limit Texas Hold`em, and there’s plenty of fun to be had by playing for fun, you’re unlikely to come up against a Doyle Brunson, Jeff Madsen or Phil Ivey. In this case you should keep your Texas Hold`em Strategy nice and simple because the Nth level subtleties of a double bluff within a bluff with the hint of a bluff would be wasted on your opponents.

It may strike you as dull, or kiddie table poker, when you don’t get to be the complex all conquering poke terminator of your dream. But remember that there will be plenty of time to cry havoc and release these dogs when you get up to a more serious table. If you deploy your big-grown up skills and strategies at the simpler tables you ma be in for a shock. Firstly the guys at these tables might mistake your double bluff for the decent hand it is (and fold) or mistake your percentage bet for a bluff and bet heavy against you. Sadly sometimes you have to play at the opponents’ level a bit to get any where. The other problem is that at these smaller tables there are smaller pots and stakes so there is less of a financial deterrent on your opponents to risk things. Your big strategy guns will be popping blanks as there’s no financial “umph” to give weight to your bets.

If some simpleton is sitting on two pair, and you might be holding three of a kind, but with small stakes they might play the hand to the death, just for the hell of it, and all the clever strategies in all the clever books won’t help you and won’t make them change their plans. And even throwing all in (on little money) the prospect of them losing a five or ten spot won’t bother them, and the “fun” of maybe hitting a sweet card at the end will keep them in. With little money at stake it’s difficult to discourage someone who is four cards into a straight, unless you can lay a sufficiently scary raise on their ass. This sort of play will occasionally result in the weaker hand finding the goods on the river, like some form of scavenger dredger.

Forest Gump’s mother was right, simple is as simple does and he ended up rich as anything.


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