The Baddest Bad Beats & how to avoid them

What is a Bad Beat (a supposed to a Good Beat), and more importantly, how can you stay the hell away from them?

Bad BeatThe worst beats are the ones where even after the hand has been played out you can’t figure how the hell you lost, was that guy nuts, why was he still in, what was he thinking, was he drunk….

However there are bad beats that you could OR should avoid.

Let’s look at the type that can be avoided. We’re in a pretend game of Hold ‘em.

Say you’ve got King Queen and there’s only one other guy involved in the betting. He’s low on chips and is staying in with his fingers crossed, you bet, he calls, the flop flops, it’s King, 7 & 2. It’s still all about you, nothing to worry about here, a pair of kings should be enough, you bet again, he fidgets with his chips and calls, but then there’s a nine on the turn you bet and now the poor guy goes all in out of desperation. We can’t blame him for that; you call as you’ve got a good chance of boosting your bankroll.

Here’s the river…it’s a ten.

You turn over your cards and eye the pot, you mentally prepare to say “unlucky, or well played” or any other simple act of kindness for a loser, BUT…

He was holding six / eight….he has a straight….

You lose.

The guy who was almost away from the table and now is right back in it, thanks to you and your bad beat.

In this scenario the guy went all in on 6, 7, 8, 9 with just the river. Was he crazy? No, he had eight cards that would have given him the straight (four fives, four tens), and while that’s six to one he really had no option.

How to avoid this happening? Firstly we need to know that in online poker the instances of bad beats are much higher than in real world poker.

The average online player is much more likely to play a bad beat hand, maybe out of ignorance or maybe because he’s distracted.

To combat the “bad beat” you need to play it tight, play your big hands and be wary of any hands with more than three callers. The stats say that even pocket aces are just slightly better than 50% of winning against three.

So keep it tight, when you do catch a decent hand, bet big and bet hard. This will push your opponents, and will cut down on possible liabilities. Raise big and see them fold, avoid that bad beat they might be sitting on.

But let’s leave the last word to Thomas James “T.J.”Cloutier;“You can’t let it get you down losing to someone playing a hand they shouldn’t have played. Without these types of players, nobody would win any amount of money.” 


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