To re-buy or not to re-buy

When you lose you’re a hand especially on a bad beat that little poker devil on your left shoulder will place a thief into your ear to steal your roll. Should you listen?

Kelly HuSo as Shakespeare never said, “to rebuy or not rebuy that is the question?” and if so – how often should you rebuy, Mr Shakespeare?

First things first; just what is a rebuy? It’s simply a stage in a poker tournament where the players are allowed (maybe encouraged) to buy some more chips. You don’t necessarily need to be dangerously low on (or out) of chips, anyone can rebuy if they want to. Usually in any particular tournament re-buys will come in single or limited sessions, (occasionally you’ll come across unlimited rebuys) and these times can be used either to buy your way back into the game or bulk up your chip count.

The positive thing about a rebuy period for all players is the immediate (potential) increase in the pot size, see the dollar signs in everyone’s eyes.  But beware the mortal sin that is avarice, just because there’s more money sloshing around the table doesn’t mean that it’s all got your name on it. There are still 52 cards in a deck and normal poker rules still apply.

Now if you’re in a smart position and don’t need a rebuy, should you not bother with it? The fact that so many other players have bought their way back into the game shouldn’t bother you much, you’re up, ten minutes ago you were good enough to be beating the other guys, without any extra chips and you will be good enough to stay in front. Right?

These other guys will have bigger stack at the fingertips and if you’re playing no limit that could be very telling. So if you want to play with the grown ups better be ready to equal their raises, but if you are confident that you don’t need the extra cash and can keep going mano-a-mano, go for it. But don’t come crying to me if you get steam rolled out of the game, due to lack of funds.

This sounds like buy buy and buy when ever you get the chance but, stop, look and think before you listen to the voices. Were you actually up amongst the better players at the table? Have you got their measure, are they dead men walking and just don’t know it? If the answer is a resounding “yes” get that money out of your pocket and buy some chips. But, if you are out manned and out gunned, there’s little point in pushing it, better get the xxxx out of dodge while you still have some cash.


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