Turbo Tournament Strategy

Poker is good, Poker online is good, Poker Tournaments online are good and online Poker Turbo Tournaments are… you get the idea. So what’s a turbo Tournament, and what’s so good about it? Turbo Tournaments sometimes called Sit ‘n Gos are one of the fastest and funest and bestest poker games online.

Turbo Tournaments

Turbo Tournaments

Although money is used to keep score, when playing poker, Poker is about fun as well as profit. Professionals might say they are too busy winning money to have any fun, but ignore these misery guts, if they just wanted the dollars and not the fun they could get a nine to five job. Also these dullards are probably lying, why would you do a job you didn’t get any fun from. A turbo Tournament is FUN with a capital F!

Turbo games are fast and furious. The hectic tempo ensures that the pace and excitement is set at eleven for the duration of the game. The world record for playing non stop poker currently stands at 115 hours, which is all well and good but sometimes you want something quick and dirty rather than slow and steady.

Turbo Tournaments give you that quick fix, that in this busy busy busy day and age is often just the right fit. In Turbo Tournaments the blinds rise every five minutes so you need to be on your toes all the time, this doesn’t mean that you can bet wild and free and easy as it doesn’t matter. It always matters! And even in a game as fast and frantic as a Turbo Tournament (should we call it a TT to save time? No?) there is a place for skillful play.

There are a wide range of entry fees to get into these poker games and anyone should be able to find a tournament to suit their budget. The most popular seem to be the $3 and $6 games. Because of the nature of the game it’s easy to fill up tables, with thousands if not millions of people out there itching to play you, turbo tournaments are usually there and ready for you before you turn up.

Turbo Tournaments are some of the easiest tourneys to do well in. There are plenty of tourists sitting in thinking that the prefix TURBO means that the game is all about adrenalin and wild moves, these are probably the guys that like to race from the lights, and I love taking their hard borrowed cash.

So in the proverbial nutshell Turbo Tournaments are fast and fun and financially viable, what more could you ask for?


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