What’s a TAG, and do you want to play one or be one?

Playing poker online there’s plenty of Tight Aggressive players (otherwise known as TAGs) out there. Tight and aggressive isn’t the most friendly of descriptions and most “pleasant” players would rather stay away from these bozos but is it worth putting up with the T and A (tight and aggressive play) for financial reasons?

Tiffany Michelle Poker Babe

Tight Aggressive Player

At first glance these guys are worst people to play poker against, especially online. They’re bad ponies and you shouldn’t bet on them, they study strategy, know the rules backwards, can identify the bad hands and know when to fold them. It’s never easy to prise money from their gnarled mouse-tapping hands because they have a solid base in poker strategy and are au fais with the percentages and know not to play each and every hand. But the worse thing about TAGs is that they’re there to take money off the other people (surely that’s YOUR job) and there’s a danger that they could go and skin the weak players at your table, sending them home beat and broke, leaving you with the scraps.

The simple way to deal with TAGs is just to avoid them whenever possible, and if you’re unlucky enough to come up against a poker table full of these guys, there’s no real reason to play their reindeer games. TAG poker games tend to be tight, the TAGs themselves are tricky and don’t like parting with money. But sometime, if you can’t find better picking or if you want to stretch your poke muscle, you’ll end up playing against TAGs. In which case, there are several measures you can take to extract money from them. First up; Shake their tree a bit, every poker player has a dis-comfort zone. Some players don’t like to play out of position; others don’t know how to play in re-raised pots, others never bluff the river and some can’t call bets on the turn (unless they have a strong hand). Everyone has a weak point – find it and apply pressure.

Know your enemy, to do this you have to watch the TAG opponents and remember how they react to different poker situation. For instance in small and medium stake games, TAGs tend to place continuation bets, and they then get flustered if you call these bets and then take the pot on the turn.  Also TAGs usually don’t like to play on the turn or river, they’re often scared of the bigger bets and play passively on the turn and river, often calling or folding too easily. Try either value-betting your strong hands more or right out bluffing them out of the pot.

TAGs are just one form of player that you need to master if you want to become a king of the table. Hey, no one said poker was a game for the work-shy.


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