Who’s out there? NERDS!

Poker is more popular today than it has ever been, and that includes the “golden” age of the Mississippi river boats. In the New Millennium, Online Poker is what it’s all about as everyone from school kids to Granma can hit the web and start clicking into online poker.

Nerdy Poker Babe Jennifer Leigh

Nerdy Poker Babe Jennifer Leigh

It’s no longer a case that poker is just played by rubes and sharps, today you’re more likely to meet the bored housewife numb to the sound of the dishwasher, doing something fun that she can fit into her life, the busy professional catching an easy thrill to unwind, the slacking college student clicking through a haze of smoke in his dorm convinced that he’s studying probabilities as he plays and even the average Joe, the players just like you. But there is a new sub gene in the poker world that’s the poker geeks!

The geeks, (aka nerds, dorks, eggheads etc.) are coming and it’s getting difficult to spot them as they don’t all wear pen protectors and ashtray thick glasses. The modern Poker Geek (or Geekus Pokerari) tend to be the academic types that you wouldn’t dare brave the old school poker joint, but thanks to the internet they (like the truth) are out there. They tend to be, maths scholars, engineers, computer programmers, chess club types, clever logical people who see poker as a mathematical problem to be worked out.

They are an obvious group to be attracted to poker  they have analytical and reasoning skills but they tend to play just online (not used to leaving their basements) so don’t develop the more passive skills such as reading faces and picking up on tells. The poker Geek is willing to devote the time to study the game and spends much time in the poker library improving their game. Unless you have the time or the inclination to pore over all the literature, web sites and crunch the numbers as required, these players can have an advantage over you. So beware of geeks baring gifts.

This means that there is a huge herd of technically skilled players entering a game that has predominantly been played by mediocre players. I know plenty of smart cookies who went from confusing poker with black jack, to being really good poker players. These smart people are catching on that poker is a game of skills that can be learnt so they think like all the other things they’ve learnt to master over the years Cards will just be the next one. First off, improve your game and start thinking about your tactics if you’re faced with more knowledgeable players, games will tighten up along the road and you need to be ready for these things.

And try opening a book yourself.

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